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Emergency Locksmith - Fast Solutions

There is no better feeling than having an emergency situation resolved as fast as possible. It will renew your confidence in the capabilities of your service provider. This is what we want our customers to feel whenever they are in an emergency situation.

Perhaps you are new in the city and not very familiar with our services. Well, you seem to have found your way here. We are glad that you did, and it is going to be smooth service from henceforth. You will experience a different kind of service in the city.

Gold Locksmith Toronto is a company with some of the best emergency locksmith response teams in Toronto. We are an exceptional company with many years of experience such that it doesn’t matter what kind of lock emergency you find yourself in, we can absolutely resolve the situation.

Our expertise cuts across a vast variety of locks and key services, which means we can cut keys, replace keys, and make duplicates should you need them. We are more than confident in our ability. We know that we can become your go-to emergency locksmith service provider in Toronto, Scarborough, and nearby areas.

Affordable Locksmith

Wondering if you can get a residential locksmith at an odd hour? Has your house been locked out and do you need the immediate assistance of an emergency locksmith expert? Don’t worry, we know just how to handle such situations and we have the tools to get you out of them. Because of our experience attending to various emergency locksmith’s Toronto needs, we know it will be a breeze handling yours. Put your trust in us and you won’t regret it. Whether you have misplaced your keys or you can’t find your spare, ours is to make sure you gain entry into your home again. That fresh, warm bath is needed after a hard day’s work. Contact us today for a service that cares.

Mobile Locksmith Services-Wherever You May Be!

Are you currently stuck by the roadside due to a bad ignition or damaged key fob? Well, we know it can feel like you are at the ends of the earth and hope is far away. But don’t worry, we have had to attend to several scenarios like yours and we always come out on top. With a well-equipped van, we can find you and administer the necessary solutions. You will be back on the road with a big smile on your face before you know it. We are no superheroes, but we sure know how to save your day. Contact our locksmith for any urgent service need. We can get to anywhere you may be in the city very fast.

Call Us For Locksmith You Can Trust

Fast, expert and friendly service isn’t the only thing we offer. Our customer service personnel is licensed and bonded, so you know you’ll be getting a trustworthy professional for the job. Give us a call, and you’ll find that we’re the best Toronto locksmith you can find! 


Kristen Moore


Mark was brilliant, very professional, friendly, and helpful. He did a fantastic job with my issued lock at my home. I will definitely recommend it. Really pleased with the quality of the service at a reasonable cost.


Absolutely top-notch service. The technician turned up at the agreed time, he clearly knew his stuff and made the job appear effortless. He also advised an easy-to-administer maintenance plan to prevent further issues. Wow!!!

Joanna Foxx

Emma Stone


I needed an expert out quickly to feel secure when I moved into a new house and the conservatory doors lock jammed. Ben came out within the hour. The technician is friendly and the job was completed smoothly.